Bluebeard’s Castle – jazz adaptation 

The great musical sensation of 2021 is without doubt the jazz adaptation of Bartók’s opera. Péter Sárik is the first composer in the world to reinterpret this opera in this way. The piece resounds with two additional piano cadences, keeping the original form of the opera but totally rescored and improvised above the Bartók music all along.

Short teaser:



Peter Sarik Trio has been working for more than a decade to bring genres and authors such as jazz and Béla Bartók closer to the audience.

“I consider it extremely important that we preserve the work of perhaps the most significant composer in Hungary, take it further, and introduce and love it to the widest possible layers of music listeners around the world.
I believe and experience that if, of course, we perform the works directly, breaking down the rigid forms, we can get new, sincere jazz and Bartók fans who will not be cultural snobs, but real lovers of these treasures. ” / Peter Sarik /

Recently, a reworking of Bartók’s play the Bluebeard’s castle, which is one of the most popular works on the opera stages of the world today, is difficult for many to enjoy, too modern, too abstract. This work has been performed by many in many different interpretations, but it has never been turned into a jazz processing, so this reinterpretation is a world premiere.


The participants of the jazz adaptation of the Bluebeard CD:

Bluebeard: Krisztian Cser
Judit: Adrienn Miksch
Peter Sarik: piano
Tibor Fonay: bass
Attila Galfi: drums
Zoltan Bubenyak: Rhodes, Hammond
String Ensemble of Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok
Conductor: Gabor Hollerung

CD and performance graphics: Krisztian Gal

The recording of the jazz version of Bluebeard is available HERE.