Peter Sarik Trio

The Peter Sarik Trio is one of the leading, and most popular jazz bands in Hungary.
One reason for this is that all three members are open and versatile musicians, therefore they can reach a much wider range of listeners than most jazz bands.
The atmosphere of the band’s concerts is much more that of a rock or pop concert, the Peter Sarik Trio attracts lots of new jazz fans thanks to their openness and power.

They regularly perform concerts all over the world, with recurring appearances in London, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki, Riga, Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul and Almaty.

The Trio’s specialty is jazz arrangements of classical and pop music, and their Bartók and Beethoven program is also a huge success.

They won the Hungarian Grammy Award twice.
The members of the Trio are all awarded and recognized musicians.

Peter Sarik: piano
Tibor Fonay: bass
Attila Galfi: drums


Peter Sarik / piano

Tibor Fonay / bass

Attila Gálfi / drums