The tour of the Péter Sárik Trio in Romania is over

  • 2022. June 21.
Between June 1 and 16, the Peter Sarik Trio gave 12 concerts in Romania, where the material of their Bartók album released in 2018 was presented. The stations of the…

Peter Sarik is the composer of the year

  • 2022. June 15.
Artisjus, the Hungarian authors' association awarded twelve composers and lyricists this year. In 2022 Peter Sarik won the Composer of the year title.

The Peter Sarik Trio performed again in Kazakhstan

  • 2022. April 27.
The Peter Sarik Trio gave three concerts in Kazakhstan. Their guest was the fantastic Kazakh jazz singer Yekaterina Khomenkova. The main event was at the Almaty International Jazz Festival, in addition…

The premiere of the jazzy Bluebeard in Budapest was a great success

  • 2022. April 4.

On April 3, the jazz version of the Bartók Opera of the Bluebeard’s Castle was presented at the Castle Garden Bazaar as part of the Bartók Spring Festival.
The concert ended with great success with great interest.


A new song was born on the occasion of World Autism Day

  • 2022. April 2.

Charlie sings and Peter Sarik plays the piano in the brand new song The Power of Silence. With the composition of Z. Kiss Z., we would like to draw your attention to the work of the Autistic Art Foundation and the online auction in May!
The song can be heard here: CLICK

Bluebeard premiere in Budapest on April 3 at the Castle Garden Bazaar!

  • 2022. April 1.

As part of the Bartók Spring Festival, the jazz version of  Bluebeard’s castle Bartók Opera’s Budapest premiere will take place in the Castle Garden Bazaar on April 3.
Details, ticket purchase: CLICK