Peter Sarik is the host of the JazzUnnep TV show again this year

  • 2024. April 22.
The diversity of Hungarian jazz will be presented on April 30 on the M5 by the program called JazzÜnnep, which focuses on the Hungarian sounds of jazz. The Costa are…

A soundtrack for a silent film

  • 2024. April 2.

This year, too, he announces a soundtrack for a silent film!The Valley of the Arts and the National Film Institute.
The competition, which has now been announced for the fifth time, invites composers to let their imaginations run wild and create soundtracks for old Hungarian silent films.
Péter Sárik is also a member of the professional jury this year.

Peter Sarik is the helper of the Dal 2024 program

  • 2024. March 9.
Well-known stars of popular genres help the contestants of A Dal 2024 so that their semi-final songs can be performed in a new style. Peter Sarik helps with the jazz…

Portrait interview with Peter Sarik on the M5 cultural channel

  • 2024. March 3.

Peter Sarik was a guest of the M5 cultural channel’s program Kontur, in which in-depth interviews with key figures in cultural life can be heard.
The broadcast can be rewatched by CLICKING HERE. (In Hungarian.)

Brand new Peter Sarik Trio CD coming soon

  • 2024. February 22.
The Trio's new album will once again contain compositions by Peter Sarik, inspired by the poems of Mátyás Szollosi. The new all-art production will be available on CD and, of…

Katica and Peter in Italy

  • 2024. February 19.
Katica Illenyi and Peter Sarik gave a concert in Trento-Italy, to an enthusiastic audience of the local Philharmonic.