Peter Sarik in the USA

  • 2022. September 29.
Katica Illenyi, Ferenc Illenyi and Peter Sarik gave three concerts at St Mary's in Pennsylvania. The program featured jazz and classical compositions, the local audience received the production with great…

15th birthday concert

  • 2022. September 9.
The 15th birthday concert of the Peter Sarik Trio ended with a huge success in the large hall of Momkult, in front of an audience of 700 people. The invited…

The new album of the Peter Sarik Trio is out

  • 2022. July 28.

The new CD of the Peter Sarik Trio Bartók X Live has been released, on which you can hear the band’s concert at the Get Closer Festival in March 2020.
The publication can be purchased at the Trio’s performances and in the GetCloser Music webshop.

Peter Sarik Trio 15th birthday concert

  • 2022. July 28.

Péter Sárik, Trió is celebrating its 15th birthday with a great concert at MOMkult on September 8.
Special guests: Mariann Falusi, Tamás Berki, Katica Illényi, Nikoletta Szőke, Luiza Zan and the Béla Bartók Chamber Choir of Szolnok.
Tickets: HERE

The tour of the Péter Sárik Trio in Romania is over

  • 2022. June 21.
Between June 1 and 16, the Peter Sarik Trio gave 12 concerts in Romania, where the material of their Bartók album released in 2018 was presented. The stations of the…

Peter Sarik is the composer of the year

  • 2022. June 15.
Artisjus, the Hungarian authors' association awarded twelve composers and lyricists this year. In 2022 Peter Sarik won the Composer of the year title.