Peter Sarik x Beethoven: CD release concert at Music Academy!

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01 08 2016.

The CD of the jazz adaptations of Beethoven’s pieces by the Peter Sarik Trio will be released in Budapest, at the great hall of the Academy of Music, on 4th November.
Tickets are available: HERE!

12 Beethoven Zeneakademia

Workshops and concert in Latvia

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The headliner band of Saulkrasti Jazz Festival in Latvia this year will be the Gabor Dornyei Quartet. The members of the international band will give masterclasses, and finally they will close the Festival with a concert.


After winning it twice, Peter Sarik is nominated again for the Hungarian Grammy, the Fonogram-prize!

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Two years ago the Peter Sarik Trio’s Jazz Request Show CD and last year the Tamas Berki-Peter Sarik duo’s Minden Delibab CD won the Fonogram Prize, as “The best jazz-recording of the year”.
This year the Peter Sarik Trio’s Jazz Request Show 2  is nominated with the great singer Myrtill Micheller.

11 Fonogram

The new CD of Peter Sarik Trio is being recorded

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The Peter Sarik Trio is recording their new CD. After the Jazz Request Show and Jazz Request Show 2, their own jazz compositions will be on the CD again.

Beside the Trio there will be great guest performances on the CD by Mihaly Borbely, Istvan Gyarfas, Balint Gyemant, Petra Varallyay and Gergely Tar.

The CD will be released at the end of this year.

10 Trio studio

8th International Student Jazz Festival and Competition in Targu Mures

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The competition is organized by the Jazz & Blues Club in Targu Mures. Peter Sarik is a member of the judging panel again.



Everything you always wanted to know about jazz, but were afraid to ask

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On the zeroth day of the Peter Sarik Trio’s Beethoven tour, they gave their very popular presentation about jazz at the Sapientia University in Miercuria Ciuc with huge success. They answered  questions and also showed in practice everything that the audience wanted to know about this topic.

09 Amit tudni akarsz


Peter Sarik x Beethoven – Romanian tour

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The Romanian tour of the Peter Sarik Trio ended with great success, where they performed jazz adaptations of Beethoven’s  pieces.
The Trio played at Campina, Târgu Secuiesc, Sfântu Gheorghe, Miercurea Ciuc and Odorheiu Secuiesc.

08 Beethoven Csikszereda

Balazs Szabo & Peter Sarik Duo

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A  few months ago Balazs Szabo and Peter Sarik recorded the reinterpreted version of the song titled Miert pint ez.
They had been planning to work together for ages, and finally it happened.

Peter Sarik will be the guest of Szabo Balazs Bandaja at Budapest Park on 28 April.

Random Trip 7th birthday at A38

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Peter Sarik also played at the 7th birthday concert of Random Trip on A38.

07 Random Trip

Luiza Zan – Heritage. Romanian CD release tour.

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The new CD of Luiza Zan, titled Heritage has been released, with the contribution of the Peter Sarik Trio and Istvan Gyarfas.
The band is starting a tour to the following cities: Bucharest, Ploest, Sfantu Gheorghe, Cluj Napoca and Miercurea Ciuc.

After the tour with Luiza, the Peter Sarik Trio will give three more concerts in Targu Mures, Cluj Napoca and Carei. They will play jazz adaptations of Beethoven’s pieces.

Digifile CD 4P-1F V2.1