In front of 20 000 spectators in Debrecen

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19 08 2019
Peter Sarik and Mariann Falusi played in the closing ceremony of the Debreceni Viragkarneval at the Fonix Stadium in Debrecen in front of 20 000 spectators.



Peter Sarik Trio on the Hungarian M2-Petofi TV

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09 07 2019

The M2-Petofi TV has broadcasted the Bartok concert of Peter Sarik Trio.
This was the topic of the interview at the studio.


Summer concerts

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10 06 2019

Dear Friends.

You have a lot of chance to listen to the productions of Peter Sarik and the Peter Sarik Trio this summer. Here are the towns where they will play:

Balatonfüred, Miskolc, Szombathely, Balatonboglár, Eger, Kápolnásnyék, Kapolcs, Csongrád, Szeged, Pannonhalma, Kecskemét, Hatvan, Erdobénye, Hévíz, Debrecen, Godollo, Szentendre.

Plus the Trio will play at Buchareat Jazz Fest,  Samfest Jazz in Satu Mare, on the  Kolozsvári Magyar Napok és in Targu Mures at Vásárhelyi Forgatag.

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Peter Sarik Trio at Jazzahead in Bremen

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25 04 2019

Peter Sarik and Emil Feher, the manager of Peter Sarik Trio have participated at one of the largest jazz expo in Bremen called Jazzahead.

2019-04-25 15.38.40

2019-04-25 11.01.42

2019-04-28 16.56.52

Concert in Jordan

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14 04 2019

Katica Illenyi, Tibor Pinter and the Peter Sarik Trio have given a concert in Jordan, in picturesque environment near the Dead Sea.


2019-04-11 09.53.33


Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók concert video teaser

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03 04 2019

Here’s a teaser of Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók CD relese concert at Music Academy Budapest.
The full concert will be available soon.


Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven concert video

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16 03 2019

The Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven with strings concert video is available from now on the website, or just simple clicking HERE. 


Gramofon Award nomination for Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók CD

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30 01 2019

Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók CD has nominated for Gramofon Award in ‘Hungarian jazz’ category among such a great Hungarian jazz musicians like Mihaly Dresch, Mihaly Borbely, Miklos Lukacs and the Modern Art Orchestra and others.