Peter Sarik Trio on the Hungarian M2-Petofi TV

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09 07 2019

The M2-Petofi TV has broadcasted the Bartok concert of Peter Sarik Trio.
This was the topic of the interview at the studio.


Summer concerts

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10 06 2019

Dear Friends.

You have a lot of chance to listen to the productions of Peter Sarik and the Peter Sarik Trio this summer. Here are the towns where they will play:

Balatonfüred, Miskolc, Szombathely, Balatonboglár, Eger, Kápolnásnyék, Kapolcs, Csongrád, Szeged, Pannonhalma, Kecskemét, Hatvan, Erdobénye, Hévíz, Debrecen, Godollo, Szentendre.

Plus the Trio will play at Buchareat Jazz Fest,  Samfest Jazz in Satu Mare, on the  Kolozsvári Magyar Napok és in Targu Mures at Vásárhelyi Forgatag.

2017-07-22 15.28.16

Peter Sarik Trio at Jazzahead in Bremen

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25 04 2019

Peter Sarik and Emil Feher, the manager of Peter Sarik Trio have participated at one of the largest jazz expo in Bremen called Jazzahead.

2019-04-25 15.38.40

2019-04-25 11.01.42

2019-04-28 16.56.52

Concert in Jordan

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14 04 2019

Katica Illenyi, Tibor Pinter and the Peter Sarik Trio have given a concert in Jordan, in picturesque environment near the Dead Sea.


2019-04-11 09.53.33


Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók concert video teaser

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03 04 2019

Here’s a teaser of Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók CD relese concert at Music Academy Budapest.
The full concert will be available soon.


Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven concert video

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16 03 2019

The Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven with strings concert video is available from now on the website, or just simple clicking HERE. 


Gramofon Award nomination for Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók CD

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30 01 2019

Peter Sarik Trio x Bartók CD has nominated for Gramofon Award in ‘Hungarian jazz’ category among such a great Hungarian jazz musicians like Mihaly Dresch, Mihaly Borbely, Miklos Lukacs and the Modern Art Orchestra and others.



Day of Hungarian Culture – Peter Sarik Trio in Kolozsvar

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23 01 2019

On the Day of Hungarian Culture the Peter Sarik Trio performed a concert on the Award Ceremony of Transylvanian Hungarian Contemporary Cultural Price.



Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven with strings

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17 01 2019

This short video has been recorded at Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven with strings concert last May.
Soon all the pieces will be available , please subscribe  to the Trio’s Youtube channel.