Peter Sarik and Tamas Berki in Algir

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30 04 2018
Peter Sarik and Tamas Berki were nominated by Hungary at the 19th Europian Festival in Algir.
Their concert has ended with great success.


Beethoven, jazz and strings

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19 04 2018

The new version of the Trio’s Beethoven project with  string orchestra first time in Budapest, at the Beethoven Budan Fesztivál, on the 3rd of May.
Here’s a short sample from the rehearsal.



Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven with strings – first time in Budapest.

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29 03 2018

Three years ago was the first concerts of the Peter Sarik Trio’s Beethoven project at the Beethoven Budan Festival. Last year they’ve made the new version of the material with strings.
You can listen to it on the 3rd of May at Beethoven Budan Festival in Momkult.
Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven with BTA Symphonic Orchestra String ensemble.
Conductor: Kornel Almasi.

Tickets here.

xbeethoven v1

Fonogram nomination for Lucky dog

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19 02 2018

Peter Sarik Trio’s lucky dog CD is nominated for the Fonogram prize, the Hungarian Grammy, in jazz category: ‘Best jazz recording of the year’.



Jazz Request Show Classic at Vigado

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08 01 2018

Bach, Bartók, Beethoven, Mozart, Saint-Sains  jazz adaptations on the 19th January at Pesti Vigado.
Tickets: HERE


Peter Sarik Trio 10th Birthday Concert

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08 12 2017

Peter Sarik Trios’s 10th birthday concert has ended with great success and standing ovation at crowded Momkult in Budapest.
Guest artists were: Tamas Berki, Mariann Falusi, Nikoletta Szoke, Luiza Zan.
You can find more pictures at ‘Galery’.



Mariann Falusi – Peter Sarik: Transylvanian tour

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06 10 2017

Mariann Falusi and Peter Sarik are starting a tour in Transylvania.

The stations of the tour:

6th November: Satu Mare – Szatmárnémeti
7th November: Carei – Nagykároly
8th November: Baraolt – Barót
9th November: Targu Mures – Marosvásárhely
10th November: Odorheiu Secuiesc – Székelyudvarhely
11th November: Miercurea Ciuc – Csíkszereda
12th November: Sibiu – Nagyszeben
15th November: Gheorgheni – Gyergyószentmiklós
16th November: Târgu Secuiesc – Kézdivásárhely
17th November: Brasov – Brassó

Details on the CONCERTS menu.


A pontos koncerthelyszínek és kezdési id?pontok itt találhatók

Happy birthday Peter Sarik Trio

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29 10 2017

The 10 year old Sárik Péter Trió is giving a grand concert on this occassion on 8th December at the Momkult with guest artists: Tamas Berki, Mariann Falusi, Nikoletta Szoke, Luiza Zan.

Come and celebrate with us. Tickets available: HERE


Daily jazz with Peter Sarik at Jazzy Radio on every weekdays

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25 09 2017

From today on every weekdays after 6PM Daily jazz in Happy hours program of Jazzy Radio.
Jazz teaser with Peter Sarik.
You can also read Daily jazz HERE. (in Hungarian)



Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven concerts in Belgium and Germany

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20 09 2017

20.09. Brussels – Hungarian Cultural Institute
21.09. Stuttgart – Hungarian Cultural Institute
22.09. Darmstadt – Literaturhaus
24.09. Pforzheim – Domicile

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 10.36.40