People’s voice: Peter Sarik is the pianist and also keyboardist of the year

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01 01 2021, the leader Hungarian jazz site’s readers have voted Peter Sarik first place in two categories.
He won ‘The pianist of the year’ and also ‘The keyboardist and organist of the year’ title.



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10 11 2020

Dear audience, dear friends. Because of lockdown all of our concerts have been cancelled.
Hope we will meet soon again on concerts, till take care, all the best to you.

The Trio

2017-07-22 15.28.16

Peter Sarik Trio on stage again

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26 06 2020

Dear Audience,
Peter Sarik Trio starts to play again, the first concert will be on the 2nd July in Siófok.
Please check the ‘Concerts’ menu for details.
See you there.


Peter Sarik Trio at ‘Stay Home Festival’

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13 04 2020

Peter Sarik Trio has given their last concert before COVID-19 crisis on the 8th of March.
The recording of this concert will be broadcasted at ‘Stay Home Festival’- #Maradj Otthon Fesztivál Facebook page on the 13th April at 5PM.
You can also watch this on the Youtube channel of Peter Sarik. HERE.


The Trio’s Bartók CD received Fonogram Price, the Hungarian Grammy

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17 03 2020

Best Jazz Recording Of The Year: The Bartók CD of the Peter Sarik Trio received the Fonogram price (the Hungarian grammy).
This is the third Fonogram Price of Peter Sarik, and the second of the Trio.


Get Closer Jazz Fest Budapest – Sold out

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09 03 2020

Get Closer Jazz Fest is one of the most prestigious jazz festival in Hungary. The Trio has given a sold out concert, they played their Bartók project.
The audience loved the show.
The other performers of the night were Richard Bona and Ferenc Snetberger.



Bartók in Wien

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05 03 2020

Peter Sarik Trio has given a concert in Collegium Hungaricum Wien-Austria, with huge success.


Concert in Riga

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29 01 2020

Peter Sarik Trio has given a concert in Riga. In the first set they played Bartók, in the second one Evilena Protektore singer joined to the Trio and played Gershwin together.

2020.01.28 VEF Jazz, foto Marite Melnika, for screen-37

2020.01.28 VEF Jazz, foto Marite Melnika, for screen-150


Peter Sarik Trio celebrated the Hungarian Cultural Day

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26 01 2020

Peter Sarik Trio performed three concerts, in three different Hungarian cities last week, celebrating the Hungarian Cultural Day.
In Békéscsaba they played Bartók, in Tatabánya and Cegled Beethoven, with strings.
All venues were sold out.