Peter Sarik Trio at Prima Primissima Awards Ceremony

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07 10 2019

Peter Sarik Trio performed the jazz adaptation of  Vivaldi’s Four seasons at the Prima Primissima Awards Ceremony in Palace of Arts Budapest.


Back to Finnland.

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27 11 2019

The Trio will back to Finnland in December.  On the 1st they will play in Musiikkitalo, what is one of the greatest concert hall in the country. next day they will play at the Hungarian Cultural Center in Helsinki, with Sofia Finnilä singer.


The Trio in Zagrab

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19 11 2019

The Trio played in Zagrab-Croatia at the first time, at Hungarian Cultural Institute.
The audience loved the band, the concert has ended with huge success.


Concerts in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Pforzheim

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19 11 2019

With a special formation has given concerts in Germany the Peter Sarik Trio.
The guests of the band were to legendary Hungarian singers, Mariann Falusi and Tamas Berki.
In Stuttgart Dr. Janos Berenyi consul general, in Pforzheim Dr. Peter Gyorkos ambassador visited the events.





Peter Sarik Trio in München

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23 10 2019

Peter Sarik Trio played at the Hungarian Consulate General in München-Germany.


Peter Sarik Trio in Finnland

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22 09 2019

The Peter Sarik Trio has given a concert in Savonlinna-Finnland.
The played their Bartók project, with huge success.


Peter Sarik on the Hungarian Duna Television

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17 09 2019

Peter Sarik was the guest of the TV show called ‘Reticule’.
The topic was: Women in the family and at the workplace.
You can watch the show HERE. (It’s in Hungarian)


Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 22.24.29


Katica Illenyi and the Peter Sarik Trio at Jewish Cultural Festival

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05 09 2019

Katica Illenyi and the Trio has given a concert at the Jewish Cultural Festival, in the Dohany Street Great Synagogue in Budapest.



Concerts at Kolozsvari Magyar Napok and the Udvarhelyi Forgatag

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31 08 2019

The Peter Sarik Trio has given concerts in the two largest Hungarian Festival in Romania with great  success.

2019-08-23 21.24.59


In front of 20 000 spectators in Debrecen

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19 08 2019
Peter Sarik and Mariann Falusi played in the closing ceremony of the Debreceni Viragkarneval at the Fonix Stadium in Debrecen in front of 20 000 spectators.