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Peter Sarik, jazz pianist, composer, teacher


He was born in 1972 in Cegléd, Hungary.

He studied at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, where he earned a degree in 1997. Later, he studied classical music.

Throughout the years, he has proven himself in practically all genres, in addition to jazz – he has played classical, pop, Latin and world music.

In 2002, he joined Jazzpression, which quickly became one of the most popular jazz formations in Hungary. They won the 2004 Emerton Award as the “Jazz Band of the Year”. Three of their records were published, and they achieved great success all over Europe.

He founded his own band in 2007, called “Peter Sarik Trio”. The team was re-established in 2012, with the joining of Tibor Fonay and Attila Gálfi. The Peter Sarik Trio swiftly became one of the leading jazz bands of the country. Five of their records have been published so far, and the record entitled “Jazz Request Show” became a ”gold record” within four months of its publication, and received the 2014 Fonogram Award as the “Best Hungarian Jazz Album of the Year”.

He has been the founder and member of countless formations, and he has been giving regular concerts in recent years with – among others – the following performing artists: Juli Fábián, Tamás Berki, Barna Pély, Mariann Falusi, Myrtill Micheller, Luiza Zan, István Gyárfás, Dávid Hodek, Random Trip.

In 2015 he received again the Fonogram Award as the “Best Hungarian Jazz Album of the Year”, with Tamas Berki, for our live concert CD. In 2016 the Jazz request Show 2 CD was nominated in the same category.

As a composer, he has attained significant international success; his compositions regularly achieved podium positions (top three) at various songwriting competitions in the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2011, the Association of Hungarian Composers recognized his life work, till that point, with the Orszáczky Award.

The jazz fairy play entitled All the Treasures of the World, written for children, was published in 2009, which he authored in cooperation with co-composers. This piece was nominated for the 2014 Fonogram Award in the “Children’s Album of the Year” category. The audiobook was later adapted to theatre. The main purpose of the project was to introduce the jazz genre to the youngest generation and popularize it among them.

Since 2013, he has been working as the composer and music director of the Recirquel Newcircus Company. He has composed three pieces for the Company so far, in various musical genres, from symphony to jazz.

He was a recipient of the 2010 Artisjus Award, and was elected an Honorary Citizen of the Town of Cegléd, in 2014.

In 2016 he received “The musician of the year” award by the Hungarian Instrumentalist’s Association.

Some of his most significant albums and works:

  • 2020 Fonogram nomination (the Hungarian Grammy): Peter Sarik Trio X Bartók: Best jazz recording of the year.
  • 2018 Fonogram nomination (the Hungarian Grammy): Peter Sarik Trio-Lucky dog: Best jazz recording of the year.
  • 2016 UK Songwriting Contest. His compositions ‘Instinct’ and ‘I can’t leave’ were chosen as a finalist in jazz category.
  • 2016 Musician of the year (an award given by the Hungarian Instrumentalist’s Association.
  • 2016 Fonogram nomination (the Hungarian Grammy): Peter Sarik Trio, feat. Myrtill Micheller-Jazz Request Show 2: Best jazz recording of the year.
  • 2015 Fonogram price (the Hungarian Grammy): Tamas Berki, Peter Sarik-Minden délibáb: Best jazz recording of the year.
  • 2014 Honorary citizen of Cegléd town.
  • 2014 Fonogram price (the Hungarian Grammy): Peter Sarik Trio-Jazz Request Show: Best jazz recording of the year.
  • 2014 Fonogram nomination (the Hungarian Grammy): All the treasures of the world: Best recording for children.
  • 2014 Czigle-chain: award from Cegled city.
  • 2011 Orszáczky Award: An award given annually by the Hungarian Composers’ Union to an outstanding composer or lyricist (or a duo thereof) of the popular music genre, under the age of 40.
  • 2011 Fonogram nomination (the Hungarian Grammy): Juli Fabian & Peter Sarik duo-FeelHarmony: Best Jazz recording of the year.
  • 2010 Artisjus award: for “his outstanding achievement he performed on behalf of the interpretation and   familiarization of Hungarian compositions” (an award given by Society Artisjus Hungarian Bureau for the Protection).
  • 2007 “Best solist” title at the Hungarian Radio Jazzy jazz competition.
  • 2005 Bukarest International Jazz Fest:  Best Foreign Band” as the member of the Jazzpression band.
  • 2004 Emerton Award for the “Jazz Band of the Year” in 2004, as a member of Jazzpression (an award given by the editors of the Hungarian Radio)

Most significant concerts:

    • 2017 Katica Illenyi Year Opener Concert with Peter Sarik Trio – Budapest Congress Center
    • 2016 Peter Sarik Trio x Beethoven, CD release concert – Liszt Academy Budapest-Grand hall
    • 2016 Vharity concert for people living with autism –  Peter Sarik and his guests – Liszt Academy Budapest-Grand hall
    • 2015 Idebent-odakint, CD release concert – Várkert Bazár Budapest
    • 2015 Peter Sarik trio – Beethoven in Buda Festival – Várkert Bazár Budapest
    • 2015 Luiza Zan & Hungarian All Stars – Bucharest Jazz Festival
    • 2014 Peter Sarik Trio, feat: Myrtill Micheller: Jazz Request Show 2, CD release concert  – Palace of Arts Budapest
    • 2012 Peter Sarik Trio: Jazz Request Show, CD release concert  – Palace of Arts Budapest
    • 2012 Juli Fabian-Peter Sarik duo – Kodály Center Pécs
    • 2012 Casey Benjamin, Andreas Varady, Peter Sarik, Corcoran Holt, David Hodek – Palace of Arts Budapest
    • 2011 Peter Sarik-Makoto Kuriya duo – Steinway Two Pianos Festival London
    • 2010 Peter Sarik Trio – London Jazz Festival
    • 2010 Peter Sarik Trio: Pieces, CD release concert – Budapest Jazz Club
    • 2009 Charity concert for Pacidoki Foundation – Peter Sarik and his guests – Congress Center Budapest
    • 2009 Mariann Falusi, Edina Szirtes, Peter Sarik – Extremely Hungary Festival New York
    • 2009 Juli Fabian Jazz Riff, CD release concert  – Palace of Arts Budapest
    • 2008 Peter Sarik Trio: Better tomorrow, CD release concert – Millenáris Budapest
    • 2004 Jazzpression – EU Connection Ceremony – London
    • 2003 Jazzpression – Liszt Academy Budapest-Grand hall
    • 1999 Peter Gerendas Band – Connectio concert Budapest